We are looking foward to serving and cultivating the true African coffee experience.

SHOP COFFEE (Afrikahawa)

Karibu - Welcome

Simply put, we bring the African experience to you. RichlandHub is a Vancouver, Washington based coffee business, specializing in African coffee beans, Cashews, Tea, Cacao sourced directly from African farms.

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Our Mission

Project "Sharity" - Sharing

RichlandHub boldly operates as a true mission-driven business that directly supports underserved rural communities with an uncommon passion. Our heart's desire is deep-rooted in addressing the basic needs of our communities, farmers and their families as this is making a direct positive impact in their families today.

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What our customers are saying

Brandon P.

"As a roaster I love knowing the story behind the bean. Being able to work directly someone that is from the region and has been apart of it his whole life is a rare gift."


Chris B.

"This coffee is amazing, and I love that I'm getting it directly from the source!"


Holly M.

"Every single coffee we've gotten from Richland has been an absolute hit in our cafe. I also love the fact that every cup we sell helps to further Project Sharity!"


Heckman S.

"Delicious!! The coffee was amazing! Very nice flavor with just enough boldness. I was very pleased with my purchase."



+1 (360) 433 2623

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 7:00am - 5:00pm
Sat - Sun: 8:00am - 5:00pm


2420 Main St

Vancouver WA 98660