Tanzania Mamsera Kilimanjaro

Size 12-ounce
The Mamsera Group, founded in 1984, unites local farmers from neighboring villages, fostering collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and resourcefulness. Their collective efforts have boosted crop yields and transformed lives, showcasing the power of unity in African agriculture. Try our Mamsera Kilimanjaro: a medium roast with a soft, pleasant acidity, a warm, full body, and notes of caramel and rich chocolate. It's not just coffee; it's a taste of their inspiring journey. 🌱☕🌟

Experience the delightful embrace of Mamsera Kilimanjaro! This exceptional coffee boasts a gentle, caressing acidity that complements its lusciously full body. Every sip is like diving into a warm, velvety pool of rich chocolate and indulgent caramel, making each moment a sumptuous treat. Elevate your coffee journey and discover the irresistible allure of Mamsera Kilimanjaro today! ☕🍫🍬

Medium or Dark

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Mamsera Kilimanjaro Women’s Group

Mamsera, Tanzania

The Mamsera Group, born in 1984 from the dreams of farmers in Mamsera Juu, Mamsera Chini, and Mamsera Kati villages, shines as a beacon of hope and unity within the local farming community.

For decades, this remarkable collective has provided a vibrant platform where farmers gather, their spirits alight with collaboration. They tackle challenges head-on, sharing not just their soil but also their wisdom and resources. This remarkable synergy has birthed sustainable solutions, a testament to the power of coming together.

The fruits of their labor are undeniable - crop yields soar, and the lives of these resilient farmers flourish with newfound prosperity. The Mamsera Group's legacy is a testament to what unity, shared knowledge, and mutual support can achieve. It's a story of hope, inspiration, and the boundless potential of African agriculture. 🌱🌟


Direct Trade

Giving Back

Project Sharity

These products come from an organization that is giving back to the community. Having been born and raised at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro Bonny James wants to help the women in the villages where it has historically been difficult for them to obtain an education.

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