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Straight from the Rich land of africa

About RichlandHub

RichlandHub, based in Vancouver, WA, is an importer, wholesaler, and retailer specializing in African coffee and other products sourced directly from farmers across Africa. 

But what does our name, “RichlandHub,” mean? Our coffee comes from the “rich land” of Africa, and we aim to be the “hub” for sharing everything this rich land has to offer — from African coffee to cashews to tea and more. 

Our founder started RichlandHub with a specific vision in mind: a business that supported local farmers in his native land and could make a significant impact in the communities of those farmers and their families. Today, we aim to do just that through an ever-growing catalog of premium products and donating profits to build a health clinic in the Mbeya region of Tanzania.

Our Story

Premium African coffee

Where Does Our Coffee Come From?

Starting as a coffee buyer in Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru, we began forging relationships with small farmers in the region and learning about the trade and auction process held by the Tanzania Coffee Board. This gives us the ability to trace the coffee beans we source through every phase, from growing to transport to milling and, finally, to our roastery in the U.S. 

Over time, we have expanded our reach to other regions of Tanzania and Africa and also expanded our product offerings to include cashews, tea, honey, cocoa, and more, all sourced from small farmers and processed and packaged in Vancouver.

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Why RichlandHub?

In the Pacific Northwest, coffee flows freely through the region's unique culture, making coffee one of the most abundantly available products. With hundreds of potential options for coffee beans, why choose RichlandHub?

Traceable & Sustainable: When you purchase products from RichlandHub, you know exactly where they come from and where they’ve been before landing in our roastery. We source directly from farmers and Coffee Boards to ensure we get a sustainable, high-quality product.

Social Impact: Proceeds from the sales of our products and our cafe in Vancouver, Washington are funneled back into the communities who supplied the products in the first place. So, choosing RichlandHub means supporting access to healthcare in rural Tanzania through Project Sharity

Unique Flavors of Africa: In 2022, most coffee Americans drank came from South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia, and none of the top 10 origin countries were in Africa. With its unique flavor profile, RichlandHub aims to make African coffee more accessible to the coffee-obsessed and the coffee-curious.