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Project "Sharity" - Sharing

At Richland Hub, our commitment is to our communities and the farming families who gave so much from their land - through our products, to maximize our impact to underserved rural communities in Africa focusing on health services.

Part of every sale goes toward building clinics to provide the basic health care services in rural areas of Tanzania.


This project will construct a healthcare clinic, so local people will have access to basic health services (i.e. treatments for malaria, cholera, TB, measles, STDs, etc.). The government has agreed to assign a healthcare provider and will supply basic medicines for the dispensary, free of charge. Preventative health education as well as the distribution of mosquito nets to households as a measure for preventing malaria.

Drone footage of our on going project.

To put it quite simply, people in this community will be healthier and lives will be saved. 

Long-Term Impact

Our hope is the project will provide the basic healthcare needs for the community and increase the overall well being of the village by helping pregnant women have safer births, providing preventative interventions and health education for malaria and HIV, immunizing children, and providing treatments for waterborne disease, etc. The clinic will also contribute to the local economy by keeping people healthy enough to work through the agriculture season,produce great produce were're all get to enjoy and not fall victim to illnesses that keep them from tending their fields.

Tell  friends and family why you chose to support RichlandHub and project "Sharity" and ask them to join the effort and RichlandHub family too. It is amazing what we can accomplish when we all do our small part. 


Meeting the village leadership.

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