Rwanda Abakundakawa Ishema

Size 12-ounce

Elevate your coffee experience with Ishema Pride, a Rwandan coffee that embodies excellence and youthful dedication. Grown in the highlands of Rushashi in Northern Rwanda, this brew, created in partnership with the Ishema Youth Association, boasts a captivating profile of bright florals, dried fruit, tamarind, and caramel, leading to a complex and satisfying finish. By choosing Ishema Pride, you not only savor exceptional coffee but also support a community of young coffee enthusiasts dedicated to quality, rural job creation, and the future of farming. Join the pride and taste the promise of Rwandan coffee. ☕🌼🍈🍬🌟 #AfricanCoffee

Take your coffee experience to the next level with Ishema Pride. This Rwandan treasure sparkles with radiant, bright florals, delicately intertwining with the sweet embrace of dried fruit and tamarind. As you savor this exquisite brew, the symphony of flavors culminates in a luscious caramel crescendo, leaving your palate with a captivating, complex finish. Indulge in Ishema Pride and embark on a journey through Rwanda's diverse and enchanting tastes. ☕🌼🍈🍬🌟 #AfricanCoffee


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Ishema Youth Association

Rushashi, Rwanda

Welcome to the inspiring world of Ishema Coffee, where the name itself, derived from the Rwandan word for "pride," encapsulates the profound sense of pride these young coffee enthusiasts take in their craft. Ishema Youth Association, in collaboration with the esteemed Abakundakawa Cooperative nestled in the highlands of Rushashi in Northern Rwanda, represents a beacon of youthful energy and innovation in the coffee industry.

Until recently, Abakundakawa Cooperative mainly comprised older generations, often the stalwart parents and grandparents of the community. Remarkably, in just a few short years since Ishema's inception in 2019, this dynamic group has managed to swell its membership to 400 vibrant young individuals. Their mission is as ambitious as it is noble: to enhance the quality of coffee produced in Abakundakawa, curtail rural migration by creating employment opportunities for the youth in rural areas, and foster the critical tradition of family succession planning through comprehensive agricultural training for the next generation of farmers.

Ishema's story is a testament to the power of youthful determination, innovation, and a deep commitment to preserving the legacy of Rwandan coffee. By choosing Ishema, you're not just savoring coffee; you're supporting a vibrant community of young visionaries transforming the landscape of Rwandan coffee, one cup at a time.

Experience the pride and promise of Ishema Coffee, where each sip represents a step toward a brighter future. Elevate your coffee journey with a taste of inspiration and quality. ☕🌱🇷🇼 #AfricanCoffee


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These products come from an organization that is giving back to the community. Having been born and raised at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro Bonny James wants to help the women in the villages where it has historically been difficult for them to obtain an education.

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