Tanzanian Honey - Raw Artisan Natural Wildflower Honey | Pure & Unprocessed | Non-GMO| Handcrafted Gourmet Honey from Tanzania

RICHLAND HUB-AFRIASALI Honey is RAW and has no added ingredients, sweeteners, sugar, or supplements.

Pure natural honey - Tanzanian BEE COLONY Unfiltered - full benefits of bee pollen anti-inflammatory, ant-bacterial action and antioxidant.
Ethically sourced from small apiaries in the woodlands of Tabora western Tanzania.
Pesticide - free and Tested for antibiotics. Our Honey is naturally extracted to ensure it retains all its natural goodies as nature intended!

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Giving Back

Project Sharity

These products come from an organization that is giving back to the community. Having been born and raised at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro Bonny James wants to help the women in the villages where it has historically been difficult for them to obtain an education.

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