Kenya Igegania - Subscription

Size 12-ounce
Discover the spirit of Igegania Co-op, thriving in Kenya's Kiambu County. Support their journey by savoring our single-origin Kenya Igenania Coffee, a medium roast boasting delectable notes of sweet chocolate and tropical fruits. Elevate your coffee experience today with subscription options. ☕🌱🌟 #AfricanCoffee

Indulge in the luscious allure of Kenya Igenania Coffee, where every sip is a journey through rich, indulgent chocolatey notes that mingle with the vibrant sweetness of tropical fruits. It's an irresistible symphony of flavors that will elevate your coffee experience to new heights. ☕🍫🌴✨


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Igegania Co-op

Gatundu, Kenya

In the picturesque Gatundu sub-county of Kenya's Kiambu County, a remarkable tale of resilience and triumph unfolds through the Igegania Co-op. These small-scale coffee farmers have not only cultivated beans but also sown the seeds of hope and prosperity.

Their journey wasn't always smooth. In the challenging landscape of the 1990s, the Co-op faced adversity head-on. Yet, their indomitable spirit prevailed, and in 2019, they experienced a renaissance, thanks to the unwavering dedication of their founder members. Their story is a testament to the enduring power of hard work and perseverance, serving as a shining beacon of inspiration.

Today, the Igegania Co-op thrives, benefiting not only its members but also the entire local community. It's a living testament to the transformative potential of determination and persistence. By choosing their coffee, you're not just savoring a beverage; you're supporting a legacy of resilience and empowering a community.

Join the journey, celebrate their success, and relish the flavors of their determination in every cup. Let their story remind us that with dedication, we can overcome even the most formidable challenges. Experience the taste of triumph with Igegania Co-op. ☕🌱🌟 #AfricanCoffee

Direct Trade

Giving Back

Project Sharity

These products come from an organization that is giving back to the community. Supporting local African farmers with a passion, we firmly believe that commerce can thrive while addressing the basic needs for the underserved communities..

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