The “Big 5” Safari Adventure in Tanzania

The “Big 5” Safari Adventure in Tanzania

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The experience of delicious Tanzanian coffee in your cup. It may not be quite as “full-bodied” as the experience you’ll get by visiting the country, but it’s a great way to start your experience journey with just a touch of this East African country flavor!

 One of the most AMAZING ADVENTURE you will ever have!  ... The Big 5 adventure! 

On Safari in Tanzania, - you will see so many animals that it feels like you are on a National Geographic experience! But Nooo …  one of the most exciting experience is the Great migration, as the millions of wildebeests, Antelope’s, Zebra, and other many herd animals in wide-open grasslands crossing the river from Serengeti Tanzania to the Masai Mara in Kenya every year.  A crocodile will take a zebra or wildebeest down only to let it go a moment later.

 Although Africa boasts an incredible diversity of flora and fauna, there are five animals that are more famous than any of the others, the” Big 5”.  A unique experience. The expression “Big Five” refers to Africa’s Black Rhino, Leopard, Lion, Buffalo and Elephant, they are the hardest animals to hunt in the African bush; and seeing the Big 5 animals up close is a once in a lifetime experience since some of them are very difficult to come across. These animals are few, but they tend to rove and rules the wild plains of Africa

 When you are exploring in the wild and natural surroundings you become part of these animals’ territory. Hence, you need to be mindful and respectful of their space. During this unforgettable experience Tanzania has to offer, you will come across some or all the Big 5 animals. Tanzania has unique landscapes, attractive wildlife, and stunning mountains around the country. This experience will inspire you.



Lions are the famous and sought-after animals on safari, there are roughly 17,000 lions in Tanzania. Be it a pride with cubs or a huge male lion roaring to determine his territory, any encounters with lions are extraordinary, especially if they are not sleeping. Lions sleep for about twenty-hours a day!

They are the pinnacle predators. Lions are very captivating and social animals, and they live together in a pride, each with 3 male lions (Protect the territory), 6 to 12 female lionesses (Hunters – to feed the cubs), and the lion cubs. They can be seen in almost all of Tanzania’s game reserves and National Parks, an area that stands out more than most is the Eastern Plains of the Serengeti.




Rhinoceros” Rhino”

The white and black rhinos are the two kinds you will see in Africa. In fact, both have grey bodies. The shape of their lip distinguishes the two: the white rhino has a square lip, while the black rhino has a pointed upper lip.

Visiting Ngorongoro Crater to see these beautiful large mammals with hooves and protected from poaching, the Tanzania conservation authorities make sure that the population of the Eastern Africa black rhino has been maintained in the Crater.

So, seeing these prehistoric creatures is a unique experience. Their numbers are gradually diminishing in Southern Africa, protecting them is more important than ever for the survival of such an iconic species on the planet.



The size of this largest land mammal on the planet will shock you when you come face to face with them.  Elephants can be found in numerous countries across the continent and world. African Elephants are by far larger than Asian Elephants and have incomparable larger ears that distinguish them. In Tanzania, the National game reserves and National Parks are home to remarkable elephant populations, the large gathering of these charming and enigmatic animals is in Tarangire National park.




Buffalo “Cape Buffalo”

African Buffalo is one of the most unique creatures on the plane with a bullock look, yet the most unpredictable and aggressive animal. They are strong and most dangerous members of the ‘Big 5’, ferocious when provoked and charge anything that comes into sight. The most dangerous animal to hunt in Africa. Lion is the prime Buffalo predator. They can be found in numerous National reserves across Tanzania.

During the end of September and into October in Tanzania, the buffalo tend to be feeble due to the dry season on landscape, and lack of nutritional vegetation to maintain their energy level. As a result, they are more vulnerable, and constantly hunted by lions, incredible battles to witness between these two members of “Big 5” in Ruaha, Tanzania.




 This member of the group is always on the move, making it difficult to find. leopards exist alone and hunt at night-time; and will only be found if they want to be found. Perhaps the most beautiful and smallest of the big cat’s family, sturdy and powerful, banking on their disguise appearance and power to drop and drag a quarry up into a nearby tree, to protect it from other predators and scavengers. Area like the Kogatende region of the Serengeti is one of the areas where its habitat is outfitted well to these incredible felines, you have a better chance to spot them here. Because of the water course, drainage lines and plenty of quarry for the Leopard to thrive.

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