Tanzania Marangu Kilimanjaro

Size 12-ounce
Roast Level Medium
Experience the magic of Marangu, nurtured on Kilimanjaro's northern slopes. This exceptional coffee, available in both medium and dark roasts, enchants with a delightful floral aroma and the rich, invigorating notes of dark berries. Elevate your coffee journey with Marangu's unique flavors, inspired by the beauty of Tanzania's landscapes. ☕🏔️🌸🍇

Indulge in Marangu's enchanting coffee, where every sip is an invitation to a fragrant garden of blossoms and the electrifying burst of dark, luscious berries. Delight your senses with the allure of floral aromas and the compelling, invigorating embrace of dark berry brilliance. Elevate your coffee experience to a whole new level of satisfaction and flavor. ☕🌸🍇✨

Medium or Dark

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Marangu Kilimanjaro Women’s Group

Marangu, Tanzania

On the sun-kissed northern slopes of majestic Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, a remarkable tale of empowerment and exceptional coffee unfolds. Here, the Marangu Kilimanjaro Women’s Group, a collective of determined smallholder farmers, has emerged as champions of Arabica coffee cultivation.

United by a shared vision and fueled by their passion for this delicate plant, these farmers chose to break free from a mismanaged cooperative. Together, they embarked on a journey to nurture Arabica coffee in the embrace of fertile, volcanic soil. 

What sets the farmers of Marangu apart is their unwavering commitment to sustainable and organic practices. This dedication doesn't just yield a superior product; it opens doors to international markets, ensuring a premium quality coffee that's celebrated worldwide.

Through sheer determination and tireless effort, they've not only cultivated coffee but also cultivated a brighter future. Access to better prices for their coffee has transformed their livelihoods, serving as a testament to what unity and sustainable farming can achieve.

But the story doesn't end there. The Marangu Kilimanjaro Women’s Group's commitment to sustainable farming is a shining example of a model that benefits both people and the environment. It's a blueprint for farmers worldwide, demonstrating how they can improve their lives while safeguarding the precious gifts of nature.

With every cup of Marangu coffee, you're not just savoring a beverage; you're sipping a legacy of empowerment, resilience, and a profound connection to the land. It's an invitation to support their journey, to taste their passion, and to be inspired by their commitment to creating a better world, one coffee bean at a time. Join the movement and elevate your coffee experience today! ☕🌿🌄

Direct Trade

Giving Back

Project Sharity

These products come from an organization that is giving back to the community. Supporting local African farmers with a passion, we firmly believe that commerce can thrive while addressing the basic needs for the underserved communities..

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