Part 4: Welcome and thank you!  - Karibu-Asante!

Part 4: Welcome and thank you! - Karibu-Asante!

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Welcome and thank you!


 Thank you for taking the time to gain an insight into Richland Hub an importer, wholesale, and retail business, specializing in Tanzanian coffee beans, Cashews, Tea and Cocoa sourced directly from local farmers. Supporting local farmers with a passion, we firmly believe that commerce can thrive while still addressing the needs to make a positive difference in the communities.
Collectively, we have positioned the business to be among the leaders in supplying the finest and highest quality single-origin products in the United States and Canada.
We have forged a strong relationship with our valued customers by actively listening and ensuring excellent customer service.


Richland Hub

An emerging local company in Vancouver, Washington with an international twist. Our mission is to offer the highest quality, single-origin Tanzanian coffee, Cashews, Tea and Cocoa to the Pacific Northwest and beyond. 
Our company was built on the belief that our communities are what make us great - our passion and unwavering support is what allows us to strongly support our local farmers, and underrepresented communities.
Starting as a coffee buyer in Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru, our goal was and still is to source small lots directly from our small farm, farmers around the region and through trade and auction held by the Tanzania Coffee Board. The auctions take place every week on Thursdays in Moshi, Tanzania, which allows us to source the freshest coffee beans. By visiting every coffee region in Tanzania, we became knowledgeable about the farmers and workers that produce, transport, and mill the most excellent coffee. We have forged a strong relationship with farmers that have allowed us to directly source Arabica coffee from the Mount Kilimanjaro, Mbeya, Kigoma and Ngorongoro regions.
Buying directly from single farmers and through the Tanzanian Coffee Board has also allowed us to know and provide complete traceability of our products. Traceability information covers the entire production chain prior to trade and is assured by the Tanzania Government body by issuing all required documents before exporting.
We are now thrilled to be part of the coffee, cashew, tea, and cocoa world, working closely with coffee roasters, suppliers, traders, retail customers and other wholesalers. Dedicated to giving our customers the very best dependability and reliability in customer service.
Our number one value is to ensure that our customers receive the very best and freshest products possible.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy sharing them with you. Cheers!
                                                                                                   -Asante sana  .B                                               

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